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TROJAN | Naturalamb Luxury

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Size: M - Medium / Standard Fit / Non-Latex / Natural Skin

When Heightened Sensitivity is all that Matters 

TROJAN Naturalamb Luxury is the only natural skin condom available. Many couples swear by these condoms due to the ultra-enhanced sensitivity, durability, and size of the condom, as well as being latex-free. Those who use them regularly say they will never use anything else. However, know the following, as they are made of lamb intestine, they have a smell that may take getting used to.

PLEASE NOTE: They're ideal for the monogamous couple, as while they prevent pregnancy – they will not protect you from HIV or other STIs.

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Reviews for TROJAN | Naturalamb Luxury
4 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
yay this has been restocked from New Zealand on Jan 30, 2014
Nothing else is comparable, sensation wise. It's very thin and transmits heat for a realistic almost bare skin experience. The thinnest latex condoms on the market approaches the thinnest of this condom, but the heat transmission is really unique. Also, it's really comfortable for men of larger size. Having a latex allergy can really limit condom options but luckily this condom outperforms every other latex and non latex options for comfort and sensation.
LUCKY BLOKE HQ from Global on Nov 14, 2012
TROJAN Naturalamb condoms are more specialized condoms (used by a small percentage of people) and, therefore, were not reviewed during our initial Mission: Great Sex! Global Condom Review. Be sure to check back for future updates, and please feel free to add your own review! - LB HQ
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